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Learn from industry experts. Expand your knowledge. Jumpstart your professional development. Boost your potential. All that in the virtual online surroundings.

At Infobip we value creativity, persistence, and innovation. Since 2006, we have been innovating at the edge of technological possibilities and are now shaping global communications of the future.

With a communications platform that reaches 7+ billion transactions monthly and 4+ billion devices worldwide, we ensure you can connect with your favorite brands through your preferred channels.  If you are a graduate or undergraduate student in an IT-related field that wants to learn from our in-house experts that stand behind the solution that connects 70% of Earth’s population, join our virtual classroom and boost your potential!

Our Infobip Virtual Classroom program allows students to gain industry knowledge and practical tips from our field experts. So, whether you prefer to code, design solutions, or resolve technical problems, Infobip has a virtual place for you! With our program, you will learn about the telecommunication system, gain insight into how we solve the most complex engineering problems and sharpen your technical support and solutions selling skills. Besides tech knowledge, you will also have a chance to hear some valuable tips & tricks that will help you prepare for future career challenges.

What are the prerequisites?
• You are an undergraduate or graduate student of engineering or another IT-related field (computer science, mathematics)
• You have some free time between May 26th and June 19th to attend our classes 
• You are a highly motivated self-starter, who is hungry for practical knowledge

What’s in it for you? 
• Acquiring industry knowledge and skills from our in-house experts
• Getting valuable tips and tricks for your future career development
• Receiving special Infobip KUDOS TO YOU certificate after completing the courses

How to enroll?
So, what’s the catch? The only thing you need to do now is TO APPLY for the program with your resume by May 18th. By the 20th of May, you will receive the information about your acceptance to the program, followed by an additional summary of each class after which you can choose the classes you would like to attend, based on your interest and availability.

Here is a little sneak peek of our classes and workshops you can choose from our virtual catalog: 
26.5. Big picture of Infobip 
27.5. Inhouse built solutions from Infobip 
28.5. How to build your solution? [WORKSHOP] 
29.5. Scaling out the network to serve 7,6bn users 

1.6. Patterns and conventions in Enterprise-grade software systems 
2.6. Troubleshooting hacks 
3.6. Customer Journey with Core Operations
4.6. How to sell your product or solution & Engineer and Presentation Master
5.6. How to manage failures with resilience patterns? 

8.6. Untestable code 
9.6. Using ML to segregate good traffic from bad in mobile networks 
10.6. New Connection Journey 
12.6. Message brokers – RabbitMQ 

15.6. Different cultures – the same goal 
16.6. How to sell your product or solution & Engineer and Presentation Master
17.6. Social selling on LinkedIn and how to be visible to your future employer
18.6. How can JavaScript increase your job opportunities? 
19.6. How to survive your job interview?

And don’t worry, you don’t have to sharpen your English skills, all our classes and workshops will be in local language :)

There are limited places available so be fast and save your spot by May 18th! Apply here.