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The premise of the game remains the same as with any other escape room: solving puzzles that allow you to exit the room. However, to say Code Escape is just another escape room would be inaccurate, to say the least.

To add purpose to this challenging Saturday afternoon, and spice it up a bit, we added a humanitarian note. There will be a donations fund, and as teams solve puzzles they win a chunk of the fund for charity. The faster a team solves a puzzle the bigger the chunk it wins. In the end, all teams are winners and will go home with pride, knowing that they helped someone!

Also, “room” has been replaced with “office” and elements of treasure hunting have been added. What we’re talking about is good old-fashioned logic puzzles with an IT kernel. The ones that will make you remember the bash ABC’s and take out your swiss army pocket framework while also making you release your inner DBA and admit you do know some JavaScript.

All of these and many other technoLOGICal skills will be required to face the challenges on the path to victory. To have a reasonable chance at winning, the game will be played in teams. You will have the option to register either as an individual or as a team. In the latter case, we will make sure the team covers the required skill set. In the former, it is up to you to make it so.

All teams will play the game at the same time but only one team will prove they’re 1337, sit on the Silicone throne and watch n00bs google how to list open ports.

Come and have fun with us. We will give our best to make it a memorable experience. Sign up here!